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Bedouin Nights Camp in Wadi Rum Desert


Discover our tours and the Bedouin Nights Camp in Wadi Rum

Located deep inside the spectacular protected UNESCO area, the Bedouin Nights Camp offers you the possibility to discover the beauty and culture of the Vallev of the Moon in all its purity. Relax and enjoy the desert’s magic in authentic bedouin stvle. We keep things simple and we live for the desert.

Feel welcome, feel at home..

Hot air balloon over Wadi Rum

OUR TOURS AND ADVENTURES of a lifetime IN the Wadi Rum Desert






Comfort, semplicity and authenticity.

Bedouin Nights Camp is located in a place of incredible natural beauty, nested and secluded between rocks, away from any noise and tourist traffic. We keep our camp simple and comfortable  in pure Bedouin style.  We gather around the fire to share stories, make new friendship and look at the stars. No more pressures, no more stress.

Welcome to the Desert.

OVERNIGHT IN the Wadi Rum Desert


Comfort, cleanliness, simplicity.


Enter our Magic Cave.
solveig a
solveig a
Highly recommend campsite under the stars Muhammeds camp was an absolutely amazing experience. Both the camp and his tours are highly recommend. We spent two nights in the camp and would absolutely recommend others to do the same if you really want to experience what Wadi Rum has to offer.
Celeste J
Celeste J
BEST ACCOMODATION IN WADI RUM We had the best time with Mohammed and his friends. The accommodation was beyond perfect and everything was so much better than expected. The bathroom and showers were really clean and warm. The beds were comfortable and the food delicious. They activities and entertainment made it a very pleasant stay. And this all for a very good price! I will definitely recomment Bedouin Night Camps and their tours to everyone who is planning to visit Wadi Rum!
Birgitte B
Birgitte B
Amazing dessert The camp has the absolutely best location, nature, silence, atmosphere and people! Good walks and tours.Go there!!
Jill B
Jill B
Amazon The Bedouin night camp is a real peace, funny and comfortable place. All is clean. The staff is very kindness and friendly! We really enjoyed our journey !!
Davide P
Davide P
Experiencia inolvidable Muy buen trato, el accampamento super original y experiencia inolvidable! La posición del accampamento super ! Las carpas sensilas pero correcta. Hicimos un recurrido de dos días en el desierto con unos atardeceres brutales tomándo té
Antonio m
Antonio m
Todo perfecto en wadi rum Todo perfecto!!! Muy buen trato, todo muy limpio, los chicos del camp super atentos y simpáticos. La comida riquísima!!! Hicimos el tour de todo el día por wadi rum y lo disfrutamos muchísimo. Recomiendo pasar 2 noches en el para disfrutar mejor de la experiencia del desierto. Una noche te sabe a poco.
Marcela M
Marcela M
Wonderful time spent in the camp. I spent less than a day in Wadi Rum with my friend. I have to say, that Mohammed and his team were very hospitable and friendly. They provided nice and interesting program during the day (camel ride, jeep ride). The camp was very comfortable, the tants were clean. The dinner was great and very tasty. Also the breakfast. I will definitely recommend this camp to my friends…I recommend it to everyone.
Perfect Wadi Rum experience! We had an amazing time visiting Wadi Rum. We stayed 2 nights here at Bedouin nights camp with Mohammed and his team. The tents, the facilities, the food, the team and the hospitality were 1st class, we felt so welcomed and at home! We enjoyed a full day jeep tour with our guide Abdullah, he was fantastic, and made our day so much fun, we highly recommend. We think having the 2 night stay with a full day tour in between was the right decision as it allowed us to fully embrace the camp and the desert experience. We enjoyed meeting other guests and sitting in the cosy cave at night enjoying Bedouin tea, hookahs and general conversation with the team and other guests. The after dinner music and dance was so much fun ! The stars were unbelievable and the relaxed yet fun vibe at the camp made our trip so memorable. We will forever talk about our experience in wadi rum and we highly recommend this camp. To Mohammed and his team thank you so much for everything.
יעל ויהוידע בן ארי
יעל ויהוידע בן ארי
חוויה מצויינת הייתה חוויה מצויינת! מוחמד והצוות שלו דאגו שנהיה מרוצים ושכלום לא ייחסר. היינו עם 3 ילדים שהתאהבו בכל הצוות ורצו להישאר עוד. המיקום מיוחד, מחנה קטן ואינטימי עם אווירה אותנטית ומשפחתית. לא מרגיש תיירותי או ממוסחר. היינו שם שני לילות ולקחנו את הטיול ג'יפים למשך יום שלם - חוויה מיוחדת שנהנינו בה מכל רגע. ממליצים ונשמח לחזור
Banos M
Banos M
Le meilleure camp de Wadi Rum Lors de la réservations nous étions à la recherche d’un camp familial pour passer une belle expérience, mais ce que nous avons vécu au Bedouin Nisghts camp a dépassé nos attentes. Une nuit magique avec un personnel au petit soin, qui nous fait sentir chez nous le temps d’une nuit! Je recommande a 100%. Et les petites devinettes du patron sont excellentes un bon moment de partage et rigolade 😄

Bedouin Nights Camp: Authentic Wadi Rum Adventure Tours.

Bedouin Nights Camp will create an experience that is tailored for you and your group. At Bedouin Nights Camp, our staff will listen to you and build understanding to help you plan the best experience for you:
– How much hiking will you do? How much climbing? How much time in the jeep? On the camel?
– You or your group will have your choice from experienced local guides who grew up in Wadi Rum and know this desert’s secrets. We will help you choose which things you want to have your guide for, and which things you will prefer to do alone or with a driver.
– How much do you want to learn about Bedouin culture—or the ancient cultures which have left their mark on canyon walls… or are you most interested in enjoying the moment with the people around you?
– Will you sleep outside under the stars, in your tent, or will you climb
above the camp to sleep in the special upper cave?
– If your group members have different interests or needs, which diverse activities can work together to make an amazing experience for everyone?

Bedouin Nights Camp: a unique place of enjoyment and relax

– Our location is in a peaceful place, removed from the flow of jeeps that come in and out through the main corridor that connects the camps of Wadi Rum.
– We are in a place of beauty, nestled against towering cliffs that give us protection on three sides from the wind and the sun. You’ll gaze upon the artistry that nature’s forces have sculpted on these walls over so many thousands of years.
– At our campfire cave, you’ll find a place to sit and stretch out your legs on cushions around the fire – a place of coolness and shade when the sun is high, and cheery warmth at night. You and/or your group will have a great time here, where you may be joined by tourists from around the world and our fun-loving staff.
– The upper cave is a special place to sleep under the stars or tucked away in the cave.

Bedouin Nights Camp provides accommodations of the highest quality. We tend to every detail for you

– You will enjoy food prepared by our wonderful, fun-loving chef – who also will love to give you a demonstration of the Bedouin way of cooking if you choose.
– You’ll be pleased by your immaculately clean and comfortable tent
– You’ll sleep deeply on your comfortable bed, or soundly in your place under the stars
– Our showers are completely private, with room to hang your dry clothes. Enjoy the strong water pressure as you stand on marble tile.
– And last but not least, you will be glad to have a clean bathroom with marble flooring and strong flush toilets.

Bedouin Camp provides value for your budget

– When you do business with us,
you will appreciate the value we provide and the level of experience you realize based on your budget.
– We are careful to manage costs for you so that your money will stretch far.

Now is the time to contact us to plan your trip. Based on what you and your group are looking for and your timeframe, we will discuss the variety existing tour packages and help you custom-design your experience. Our tents and timeframes are always being reserved, so don’t delay… Contact us today; we can’t wait to help you plan your trip at Wadi Rum.

About Wadi Rum: Wadi Rum astonishes with a natural beauty that is unlike any other place on
earth. The panoramic, sweeping sand-scape, with its hundreds of mountains standing atop the sands as far as the eye can see, is all pained with rich and varied colors and sculpted with intricate effects. The sand and mountain sandstone are the medium for divine artistry. Everyone who comes here falls in love with this place.

Wadi Rum is one of the natural wonders of the world. The archaeological features bear witness that people have wanted to be here for thousands of years. As you are encouraged to set out into the desert with its rich history and harmonious rhythm of sounds, you will have no reason to fear the heat of the sun with your Bedouin guide. The cumulative wisdom, experience, and know-how of his ancient nomadic tribe works on your behalf as you experience joy in the desert.

Traveling quietly by the amazing camel… Or traversing great distances by jeep… Scrambling up sandstone to cross high natural arches… Rolling down sand dunes… Exploring canyons… Hiking up some of the largest mountains in the Middle East… Enjoying mid-afternoon tea on top of a vista, as your hospitable Bedouin guide pulls a tea kettle out of his backpack and makes a fire from a dead bush within minutes… Watching the sunset go down over the sculpted, painted landscape, as vast as the rays of the sun… Gazing at stars… Wadi Rum is truly an awe-inspiring place.

The only question left to ask is: When will you come?

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